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OmniArts has produced 16 original works among our 36 productions, collaborated with more than 150 performers, and hired more than 100 production staff members and musicians. Below are just a few images from our many productions.

OmniArts seeks to grow the number of talented performers, musicians, technicians, and artists we work with. Please contact us now to learn how you can become involved in ongoing or future productions and be added to our contact list for announcements about auditions and other production-related calls for talent.



Poster Gallery

Danny Reneau began drawing in the fourth grade when he saw his classmate Sam bragging about his sorry-looking attempt at a Ninja Turtle and he knew he could do better. From then on Danny was drawing Ninja Turtles on everything.

Danny took his love of drawing, newspaper comic strips, and Jim Lee to the Art Institute of Seattle where he promptly ignored all of his previous passions and got a degree in Video Production.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Danny rekindled his love of art and began doing gig posters for local bands. He loves watercolor, discovering great local art and introducing his young boys to 90’s rock and roll whether they are in the mood for it or not.

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