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OmniArts Nebraska

A Performing Arts Company

Welcome to OmniArts


OmniArts is a strong and distinct presence in the community and seeks to interdependently utilize literature, visual art, music, and performance to create work that deeply explores and illuminates the issues within, as they relate to art, artists, and humanity universally.

Upcoming shows
Season 12 graphics background.png

February 22-25, 2024

The Johnny Carson Theater

by Mike Bartlett
Season 12 graphics background_edited.jpg
Season 12 graphics background_edited.jpg

April 25-28, 2024

The Johnny Carson Theater

The Birds

by Conor McPherson

from a story by Daphne du Maurier

June 19-23, 2024

The Johnny Carson Theater

An Iliad
by Lisa Petersen and Denis O’Hare
Cast List: Marjorie Prime

We are thrilled to announce the cast of Marjorie Prime! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We are excited to bring this elegant, thoughtful, and quietly unsettling drama to the stage.

Marjorie: Sandy Van Pelt

Walter: Jean-Paul Zuhur

Tess: Erin Mundus

Jon: Bret Olsen

Directed by Dustin Witte

January 16, 2023

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Cast List for Yuletide Fright Fest

OmniArts Nebraska is thrilled to announce the cast of voice actors, readers, and ghost hosts for our upcoming special event - YULETIDE FRIGHT FEST!


Joining us to spook you, many for the first time with OmniArts, are:

Cecilia Burkhart

Chris Berger

Siobhan DeWolfe

John Jack

Jessie Poskochil

Dalton Specht

Thank you to ALL who auditioned!

Please come see Yuletide Fright Fest December 27th or 28th!

Dinner Table
Cast List for Hunter Gatherers

We are thrilled to announce the cast of Hunter Gatherers, the first main stage production of our 11th season of productions!

Pam: Shandi Anderson

Richard: Tyler Rinne

Wendy: Erin Mills

Tom: Dustin Witte

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Hunter Gatherers will be directed by Jillian Carter.


September 14, 2022

Light on Concrete Wall
Cast Announcement: Endgame 

We are excited to announce the cast of Endgame, the final show of OmniArt's 10th season of productions!


CLOV: Dustin Witte

HAMM: Jillian Carter

NAGG: Matt Works

NELL: Sandy Zulkoski

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. It was wonderful to see old friends and new faces. We hope to see you in the future!

Endgame will be directed by Jay Scott Chipman.

Cast Announcement: 35MM

OmniArts Nebraska is thrilled to announce the talented cast of 35mm: A Musical Exhibition: Tim Andersen, Max Antoine, Emma Evenson, Michelle Colette Ingle, Stuart Richey, and Zoe Tien.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Lincoln is filled with extraordinary talent, indeed.

Music and lyrics are by Ryan Scott Oliver, based on photographs by Matthew Murphy.


35MM: A Musical Exhibition is directed by Dustin Witte, with musical direction by Jan Malone.

Stars at Night
Cast List for Meteor Shower

We are thrilled to announce the cast of Meteor Shower! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This show is going to be a wild ride! Hold on to your seats!

Corky, Jessie Porter

Norm, Wyll Andersen

Gerald, Tim Andersen

Laura, Megan Fangmeyer

Directed by Jason St. Sauver

August 23, 2021

Palm Trees
Cast List for Psycho Beach Party

We are totally stoked to announce the cast of Psycho Beach Party! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This show is going to be a blast!

Yo-Yo, Brent Welch

Provoloney, Dustin Witte

Star Cat, Delani Young

Chicklet, Emma Benson

Kanaka, Jesse Eastman

Berdine, Jessie Porter

Marvel Ann, Tia Pet

Mrs. Forrest, Danny Johnson

Bettina Barnes, Megan Fangmeyer

Directed by Dustin Witte

Stage Manager, Jillian Carter

May 10, 2020

Cast Announcement

We are pleased to announce the cast of Two By Tennessee, two short plays by one of the masters of American drama, Tennessee Williams.

The Chalky White Substance by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Jillian Carter

LUKE               Christian Novotny

MARK              Max Antoine

The Traveling Companion by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Dustin Witte

VIEUX                         Randy Hawthorne

BEAU                          Kenyon Koenig

HOTEL EMPLOYEE   Christian Novotny



March 16, 2021

Thank You and Happy Holidays

The generosity of so many has allowed OmniArts Nebraska to survive the challenging times we have all experienced this year. Thank you! We were thrilled to be back at the Johnny Carson Theater in November after a nine-month hiatus with our first production of Season 9. OmniArts has never shied away from bringing you thought-provoking theater, and Burn This by Lanford Wilson was no exception.


We continue to hope for the best, and we plan to produce two more Season 9 shows in late spring and early summer, including Two by Tennessee, two short plays by Tennessee Williams, and Psycho Beach Party by Charles Busch.

The Winter season is a traditional time of drawing in and gathering together to banish the dark and the cold. May your holiday season be filled with light, warmth, and the blessing of dear loved ones, even if it is from a distance. We wish you joy, health, and inspiration in the coming year.

December 14, 2020

Lone burning match with the flame in the
Burn This Cast Announcement

OmniArts is pleased to announce the cast of Burn This, the first show of our ninth season of productions. The show will be directed by Dustin Witte, Managing Artistic Director of OmniArts Nebraska.

ANNA will be played by Sarah Zulkoski

BURTON will be played by Max Antoine

LARRY will be played by Michael Booton

PALE will be played by Jean-Paul Zuhur




September 22, 2020

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