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September 14 & 15, 2023
Daily Pages
Blixt Storefront Theatre


OmniArts Nebraska is beginning its 12th Season of productions and events with an original performance, Daily Pages, a theatrical poetry reading based on the daily writings of OmniArts Managing Artistic Director, Dustin Witte.

Since January 1, 2021, Witte has been starting each day by responding to a writing prompt or composing and editing original poetry. He has accumulated over 1,000 individual entries of poetry, journaling, and short dialogues. Daily Pages is comprised of approximately 50 of the strongest pieces and will be read, performed, and interpreted by an ensemble cast in addition to Witte, featuring Jillian Carter, Erin Mundus, Jean-Paul Zuhur.

The selected pieces will be drawn at random each night, making each 60-minute performance unique, with a different order of pieces read by different actors. The content of poetry ranges from novel observations of nature, imaginative musings, experimental dialogues, and personal reflections.

Check out our FB event page for more details!

Acting & Drama Classes
Snowy Night
December 2023
Yuletide Event
Location TBD
More details coming soon! 
Cherry Blossoms
March 23rd, 2024
Utilities Included
The Mill Cafe & Bistro at Nebraska Innovation Campus

A reading of a new play by Jillian Carter.

Ticket Information: You do not need to purchase tickets for this event, but there will be a suggested donation at the door.

Singing & Dance
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